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Finally, Somthing Different

So, we decided to have a little work done.  You know botox, right?  This is the website equivalent.

We're hoping that the new website let's you get to the most important information you need as quickly as possible.  Our new and updated site includes information on the many products we offer, including Indications and Contra-indications as well as many other product features.  We want you to be able to find real, tangible information about what we produce rather than trying to sell you something the way other labs do.  Most laboratories offer some mix of the same products - you trust us because of our knowledge in addition to our product mix.

check button More "real" information about the products we offer - not just marketing fluff

check button More technical documents from the manufacturers

check button More research about the products and services we offer at your fingertips

In short, our website now better helps us do what you always count on us to - prodvide you impartiall advice on what to use when.


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For nearly 30 years, RDL has been restoring dental implant cases from every implant manufacturer.  We're not stuck with a limited view - trasn-muccosal abutments or multi-unit for All-On-4 - we've got your back.

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Commitment to Quality

Russellville Dental Laboratory is committed to being the laboratory that you need.  We're nothing without our customers.  Find out more about how we're improving our work every day and how it can benefit you and your office.